Assignment blogs 636

1. Choosing a career path: I chose nutrition because I  was very interested in science and health.I also don’t enjoy working hands on with people in the health field so I picked nutrition. I was also looking for a field where I can make a difference in a person’s life.

2. My passion: I love pilates! I started doing pilates over 10 years ago due to a bad back. Ever since I do pilates my back is fine. Sadly during the hurricane my pilates studio where I attend classes was ruined and I am not sure if the place will reopen. Pilates is a wonderful exercise that minimizes chances for injury unlike the high impact exercises. I also enjoy swimming a lot. I love art. I used to paint but don’t paint at this time.

3. A book I would love to write: I would love to write a bestseller book on weight loss, as weight loss is such a popular subject and high in demand. I would have to come up with some new twist to weight loss that will catch the public’s attention.

4. A memorable teacher: My most memorable teacher was Dr. Robert Bittman of Queens College. He taught organic chemistry. He was the professor and I really enjoyed learning chemistry he made it so fascinating. I even remember him eaching us the chemistry of soap bubbles, I actually understood how soap bubbles are formed on the chemical level.

5. Hitting the jackpot!! If I would hit the jackpot I would put a lot of money aside and not spend it right away. I would of course pay out all my bills. Mostly I would still keep really busy even if I did not have to work. I would give out a substantial amout to my favorite charities.

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